Manufacturing Execution System

apromaceMES is the Manufacturing Execution System of your choice!
Starting with the collection of operating data, machine data and quality data to visualization and monitoring, statistical analysis, OEE key figures, and traceability, apromace data systems GmbH provides all modules from a single source.

apromaceMES is highly flexible and adapts to your individual needs to secure your long term competitive advantages. Our near real-time database allows it to process very large amounts of data in a short period. With our special search algorithm, data to your components and processes can be found in seconds. This opens the possibility of a single part and process-related traceability as basis for obtaining important international industry certifications such as ISO/TS 16949, EU 178/2002 or IFS.


  • Modular and easily to expand
  • Complete production transparency, traceability to upstream batches
  • Reduction of recall costs by item tracking
  • High-performance and near real-time process database
  • Custom process analysis and reporting tools
  • Improvement of cycle times due to bottleneck prediction and analysis of idle periods, processing and setup times
  • Manufacturing planning and production control system
  • Planning accuracy for Just-in-time and Just-in-sequence production (JIT, JIS)
  • Various standard key performance indicators according to VDMA-66412, VDI-3423, VDI-2893 and others
  • Integration into existing IT-infrastructure
  • Quality improvement


  • Independence of ERP software, machine control and data collection hardware
  • Cross-sectoral individual customer solutions (including metal processing, automotive, food, environmental)
  • Adaptation to the plant's processing organization.


  • Immediate escalation management at discrepancies
  • Long-term archiving of production data
  • Traceability
  • Benefits in auditions on standards like ISO/TS 16949, DIN ISO 9001, IFS, EU 178/2002


  • Individual visualization in different detail stages for operators, QA manager, or CEO
  • Documentation for each order, machine, or measurement point


  • Redundant multi-server system with data mirroring and high availability
  • remote maintenance


  • Personnel cost savings, increased productivity, inventory reduction
  • Process stability and quality optimization
  • Low software licensing costs by integrating of open source software