Process Analysis, MES-Consulting

apromace data systems GmbH supports you in analyze your processes and structures and identifies your needs and requirements in the production, now and in the future.

apromace data systems GmbH assists you in the planning and implementation of strategic IT and automation solutions. We support you in the analysis and optimization of complex process structures in the manufacturing level with our experience and our network of partners. apromace has experience and expertise in Six Sigma strategies and the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). As a result, you have long-term error-free and high quality products and content customers.

apromaceMES with its flexible modules is particularly qualified for a permanent compliance of your quality requirements and your Six Sigma goals.


  • External project consulting
  • Requirements analysis for MES systems and their components
  • Investment analysis for machines and plants
  • Process analysis and evaluation
  • Support in the project planning (requirement specification, ...)
  • Factory planning
  • Consulting
  • Six-Sigma strategy/methodology
  • Uncover and use potentials
  • Ensure sustainability
  • Reduce costs