Custom visualizations allow a user-friendly and intuitive system. Employees and supervisors view only the information they really need. All relevant data are quickly and efficiently perceived and analyzed. Thus, one can immediately respond to potential problems and bottlenecks.

apromaceView represents the state of process by appropriate animated graphics and status indicators and displays history graphs, status displays, machine parameters or current values over the entire period. Dialogs can be viewed related to items, orders, machines, or working step and are thus ideally suited for complicated multi-level and cross-linked process hierarchies.

The monitoring and control of systems engineering in apromaceView can occur centralized, via manufacturing terminals or both controls. Status indicators, flow diagrams, charts or even operating controls are arranged in an intuitive way.

Always Up To Date

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Human centered approach
  • Real-time display
  • Individual representation of plants
  • Process accurate illustrations and visualizations
  • Different detail levels for production and management