Data Collection

The data acquisition modules of apromaceMES allow the collection and storage of your operating data (apromaceBDE), machine data (apromaceMDE) and quality data (apromaceQDE) in real time without affecting the production processes. All data can be captured automatically and viewed in live statistics. The system is running 24/7/365 - completely independent of backups, system maintenance and updates. The collected data is reported back to existing ERP and PPS systems manually or automatically in real time.

Operating Data

Operating data are a basic, organizational part of everyday operations. apromaceBDE collects status and feedback from individual production steps up to whole batches, orders and machines. This includes times, numbers, weights, volumes, and many more values.

Machine Data

Machine data come from machines directly and get forwarded. This includes running times, material consumption, interruptions, produced quantities, production, temperature measurements, energy and pollution limits. In addition to vendor-specific interfaces and OPC sensors, apromaceMDE supports various touchscreen terminals, RFID, bar-code and data matrix code scanners.

Quality Data

Quality data are highly important for customer confidence and the company's own quality management. apromaceQDE measures the quality, process parameters, calibration of machinery and other variables in order to provide a current picture of your products.

Data Collection in Real Time

  • Data storage without affecting the production processes
  • Automatic production recording including quality and interruptions online statistics
  • Quantity (number of pass/fail/rework) and periods (interruptions/downtime)
  • Administration of master data, operating data configuration (steps, articles, shifts, downtime and malfunction catalog, target times, technology)

Safe, Flexible and Reliable

  • 24/7/365 running time, independent of system maintenance, backups and updates
  • Support of scanners and touch-screen terminals
  • Manual and automatic data acquisition with real-time feedback of the actual data to ERP and PPS systems