Product recalls or customer complaints can result in considerable costs if the error tracking is insufficient. Thanks to modern identification systems and intelligent process technology, parts and semi-finished products can be fully traced back to their batches or even single pieces.

All delivered batches are identifiable for each produced lot. In case of a batch recall by the supplier all affected products can be identified and recalled from the customers. Conversely, customer complaints of faulty products can be traced back to plants and the supplier.

apromaceTrace provides both drill-down and roll-up-search, allowing a complete production transparency. Traceability includes all kinds of information to track the life cycle of products. This includes unfinished materials, machinery and work places, periods and measurement data, supplier and order data. apromaceTrace supports modern marking and reading techniques for the identification of products throughout the manufacturing process, also.

apromaceTrace it is the perfect base to obtain quality certificates like ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, EU 178/2002 or IFS 5 and can be easily linked to existing enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). apromaceTrace supports you in optimizing your processes with its high production transparency and provides a high degree of automation and usability.

Knowing where, when and what

  • Complete production transparency
  • Drill-Down and Roll-Up
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Charges, orders, lots and process values
  • Early fault detection and prevention