Automotive - Car Manufacturer and Suppliers

Traceability | Graphic: Pawel Gaul/istockphoto.com (10027454)

The pressure in the automotive industry applies to manufacturers and suppliers alike. Liability risks and potential reclamation costs are to be minimized. A complete documentation of the entire production is essential for this course.

apromace data systems GmbH has created an individual solution that allows customers to track their safety-relevant components in all steps from the delivery to CNC turning, signing with an ID code, hardening, super finishing and the final quality inspection. All operations are actively observed in apromaceTrace and employees can respond immediately in case of error.


  • Complete transparency by fully traceable production documentation with apromaceTrace
  • External production histories, e.g. Representation of hardening process
  • Active monitoring of each process step
  • Process stability without fixed binding to machines