Optical 3D-Measurement

3D-Measurement | Grafik: apromace data systems GmbH

Independent from your certain industrial sector apromace data systems GmbH is supporting you with analysis of your components to enable process control as well as quality testing for example in the field of

  • testing of geometrical tolerances with respect to dimension, shape and position,
  • verification of shape and surfaces as well as
  • examination of attendance and integrity.

The optical 3D-Measurement with the mobile ZEISS COMET® 3D-Sensor-measurement system can take place at your side as well as at our location.

On request apromace provides you optical measurement data enabling continuative construction steps.

Technical Details

  • measurement volume: 400 x 300 x 250 mm3
  • max. component length 1200 mm
  • precision for large components measurement down to 40 μm


  • fast and noncontact measurement
  • flexibility with respect to components volume and geometry
  • usage in manufacturing environment