apromace celebrating it's 15th birthday

09. January 2019

Today, apromace data systems GmbH - born as a start-up from the Institute for automation technology of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg - is celebrating it's 15th birthday.

At this time, many wanted to know the meaning of "apromace". The name apromace had its basis in the acronym for Automated Production Management Center. Today, it is much easier. We can state, that we were doing industry 4.0 as this definition still was not born.

Today, bases on our successful cooperation with our european customers from various business we cover all requirements of a modern MES-system. Especially, we are very proud of the competitive advantage possessed by our traceability and thermal analysis modules. From our customers we know that even our MDE-Monitor, our BDE-Wishlist as well as the possible extend of our energy data aquisition turned the balance during their decition for a new MES-system.

We started with the idea to provide standardized solutions for as much as possible costumers. Today we know that one have to have powerful standard modules but our customers want a 100 % solution - 99.9 % is not sufficient! To develop a suitable solution that entirely fits to our customers requirements we take into consideration that one basic prerequisite is to understand the special production process in detail.

For this reason we are not a mass supplier of the shelf, but a strategic partner for that exclusive midsize and group companies all over europe, that put their trust into our software solutions. We want to be more than just a software supplier. Since we started 15 years ago, ALL our installed systems are in continuous operation, providing a basis for our activities in at least the next 15 years.

New year - novel business segment

01. January 2019

The apromace date systens GmbH wishes a healthy and successful new year 2019 to all customers, partners and prospective customers. Illustrating the consequent development of our business activities we now also provide modern technology for professional 3D optical measurement of constructional elements.

This technique is applicable not even in the original optical measurement of castings and other parts but have huge overlap with documentation of approval requirement parts, with quality management, root cause analysis of process deviations and others. It strenghtens our competence in processes and it interacts with our modules apromaceQDE as well as our industrial solution apromaceGUSS.

Thereby, we take into consideration our customers requests for developing complex approaches with qualified partners.

Self-evident, this service can be provided to customers that do not have our apromaceMES as well. Here, integration of the FZG Ingenieurdienstleistungen enables a large area of applications.